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Our account executives are the engine that drives our company. That's why not just anyone makes the grade. You'll be taking care of current clients, tracking down new business and new leads, and servicing the business you land. And the more you sell, the more you make. That's the kind of compensation structure good salespeople want. For a more complete job description, click here.

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When you look at your present career options, and then consider this remarkable opportunity at one of Kansas City's fastest growing companies, you have to ask one question: Can you move freight?

Because if you can, you could join a great team of bright, motivated men and women who are already reaping the rewards of a satisfying career at Freightquote. Did we mention we have a beautiful new building with easy access off 435, free parking and a spectacular employee cafeteria? You get the idea.

It's time to convince us, because we're not just looking for people, we're looking for good people. Motivated people. Truly exceptional men and women. So stop texting, stop gaming and prove you're a winner.


Good company. Good neighbor.

Founded in 1998 by Tim Barton, Freightquote is one of the largest online U.S. freight shipping providers delivering a vast array of freight solutions for a large and diverse customer base. These solutions enable customers to instantly quote and compare freight rates for hundreds of U.S. freight carriers. We employ more than 1,000 employees nationwide, have annualized revenues exceeding $600 million, and move more than a million shipments across North America per year.

It's good to be successful. It's better to share that success with worthy causes and people in need.

Freightquote is a strong supporter of improving education for kids here and across the country. That's why our founder, Tim Barton, is board chairman for the Center for Education Reform in Washington, D.C., and a board member for Turn the Page KC, an effort to improve the reading skills of youngsters right here at home.

We're one of the leading supporters of the Kansas City, Kansas Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (KCK RBI) program, enriching the lives of less fortunate kids by building new fields and instituting a baseball program in the inner city. In fact, one of our own employees founded this movement and continues to direct it today in his spare time.

When Tim revolutionized the way people move freight, he also brought hundreds of jobs to the Kansas City area. That's another important way we give back, and now we're giving you a shot at joining the best team in town.



Sell with passion, overservice clients,
have fun, get paid.

We're adding smart, hardworking account executives every month to keep up with the increasing demand for our products and services. In this job, you'll sell, trade, procure and manage operations for our clients and partners. If you are hard-charging and detail-oriented, can sell, never leave a problem unsolved, and don't mind working with fun, like-minded people, you might have the right stuff for Freightquote.

Or, if you prefer, you can read the job description from the perspective of our Human Resources department: This role is responsible for managing and developing customer and carrier relationships, service and product planning, implementation, and delivery, and will regularly function in truckload coverage, account management (for all modes), price negotiation, troubleshooting, and dispatch capacities. By providing a superior experience for customers, the account executive drives growth by managing the customer relationship to continually maximize the benefits of all freight brokerage transactions to customers and the company.

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Serious effort can earn you serious money.

We understand our success has a lot to do with the quality of our sales force. That's why we hire good people and start them at a significant annual salary, and then give them the opportunity to drive that compensation into the stratosphere.

Pretty simple formula: The more you sell the more you make. You put in the effort, we'll make it worth your while. That's the deal. You're not likely to find a better opportunity out there.

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